AliExpress Russia reveals 2021 business results: local business has grown 2.2 times
AliExpress Russia remains the most visited marketplace* in Russia with monthly audience of more than 35 million people and GMV of more than 306 billion rubles. Local GMV increased by 124% during this period.

AliExpress Russia JV, (shareholders are VK, USM International, Alibaba and RDIF) reveals CY2021 business results.

GMV and local business**

Total GMV of AliExpress Russia in 2021 is 306 billion rubles (excluding services). Local GMV exceeded 110 billion rubles (excluding services), and grew by 124% year-on-year, accounting for 36% of total GMV. Total GMV of AliExpress Russia increased by 46% year-on-year.

In December 2021, average daily local orders reached 204 thousand per day. This indicator has grown by 220% over the year. Total number of orders for 2021 is 309 million orders, while the average order value increased by more than 20% over the year due to the dynamic growth of local business.

Buyers and audience

The number of active buyers for the year exceeded 28.7 million people with buyers of local goods growing 2X year-on-year. AliExpress Russia has improved service level which positively impacted all key business indicators: NPS has significantly increased due to the improvement of the speed and on time delivery as well as due to wider assortment and launch of new local app. Retention, frequency and conversion have also improved year-on-year.

The number of unique users in 2021 exceeded 80.2 million, which is 31% higher than last year, and the total registered audience exceeds 200 million users. MAU (monthly active users) of AliExpress Russia is 35 million people, DAU (daily active users) is 12.5 million people. According to Mediascope (which highly correlates with AliExpress Russia internal data), AliExpress remains the most visited marketplace in Russia. It also has the biggest number of downloads for 2021 according to App Annie statistics (January 2022).

Top 10 cities for AliExpress Russia are: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa and Samara.


The number of SPUs (standard product units, not taking into account colors and sizes) delivered from China, Russia and other countries is more than 211 million and continues to be the largest in the e-commerce market in Russia. The number of SPUs has grown by more than 52% year-on-year. The number of SPUs of Russian sellers increased by more than 184% over the year and amounted to 16.5 million.

Assortment by SKU (stock keeping units, taking into account colors and sizes) is given for reference: by the end of 2021, it amounted to more than 3.2 billion SKUs (local and cross-border businesses) and increased by 48% compared to last year.


Total number of sellers on AliExpress Russia is more than 400 thousand, it has increased by 69% this year. The number of Russian sellers increased by 193% over the year and amounted to 102.5 thousand.

Local app

In summer 2021, AliExpress Russia launched local app on the iOS and Android platforms. According to App Annie, this app became the most downloaded among shopping apps in Russia. Just like in the last half of the year, users spend 20% more time in the local application than in the global one. The average time a buyer uses the app is 13 minutes. Compared to the global app, loyalty indicators (retention rate and the frequency of purchases) have improved again.

The results of the "Eat!" fast essential goods and food delivery service

The number of orders in the "Eat!" service during peak periods is 20 thousand per day. This figure increased by 671% compared to 2020. Now, the "Eat!" service operates in 120 cities of Russia, delivering from such stores and services as "Samokat", "VkusVill", "Auchan", "Lenta", Metro, "LeMurr", "Four Paws", "Verny". This service also carries out online booking of medicine in cooperation with the "All pharmacies" service.

Dmitry Sergeev, the CEO of AliExpress Russia: "In 2021, we have almost completed the full localization of the business, having built a full-fledged separate Russian company with its own technological base. We have opportunities and resources for active investments, primarily in logistics infrastructure. We strongly believe in the huge potential which Russian e-commerce market has and we are sure that the struggle for leadership in this sphere is just in the beginning. AliExpress has unique assortment, competitive local product and huge user audience. Our primary task in 2022 is to fundamentally improve user experience and service so that our customers can receive goods from another country in a week, if we speak about local market - the next day. It is important to remember that it must be done at equally affordable and attractive prices."

Popular categories in AliExpress

Popular product categories by GMV:

  • Phones and communications (42% growth)
  • Computers and office equipment (53% growth)
  • Car spare parts and accessories (42% growth)
  • Household and garden goods (42% growth)
  • Tools (growth by 51%)
Top categories by the number of orders:

  • Household and garden goods
  • Beauty and health products
  • Jewelry and costume jewelry
  • Car spare parts
  • Electronics
  • Tools
Popular categories and their growth in the local marketplace (Russian sellers)

The most popular product categories by GMV:

  • Phones and communications (98% year-on-year growth)
  • Home appliances (65% growth)
  • Electronics (50% growth)
  • Computers and office equipment (129% growth)
  • Tools (growth by 131%)
  • Car spare parts and accessories (90% growth)
Top categories by the number of orders:

  • Household and garden goods (4.4 million orders with 454% growth)
  • Phones and communications (3 million orders with an increase of 142%)
  • Beauty and health (2.9 million orders with 170% growth)
  • Tools (2.9 million orders with an increase of 174%)
  • Electronics (2.8 million orders with 75% growth)
  • Home appliances (1.3 million orders with 87% growth)
  • Car spare parts and accessories (2.6 million orders with 154% growth)
Categories with the fastest growth by the number of orders are: wedding and holiday goods, food, virtual goods, home appliances, jewelry, household and garden goods, office and school stationery, furniture and underwear.

Top local stores and the fastest growing for the year:

Manufacturers and sellers of electronics and gadgets such as: "Megafon", Molnia Electronics, Xiaomi, "Svyaznoy", POCO Russian Official Store, Smart Life, "Citylink", Realme, Asus. Products for children and hobbies: LEGO. Manufacturers of household appliances: Zigmund & Shtain, Redmond, Braun, Vitek. Clothing and footwear manufacturers: Crocs, Decathlon, "All T-shirts", ICEbear, PUMA, "Tvoe". Games: Nintendo games. Supermarkets: "Harmony of Prices", "Sima Land", cosmetics "Rainbow Smile". Lenses: "Optic City". Food products: "Samokat" and "VkusVill". Jewelry: Sunlight, Sokolov and others.

The most popular goods

The top 10 goods on the AliExpress Russia platform by the number of orders are: tyingless shoelaces, A4 paper, a USB cable, a drill, the Xiaomi Redmi 9A smartphone, protective glass for smartphones. The top 10 local products, in addition to those listed are: Finish dishwasher tablets, the Acuvue Oasys contact lenses, the Pampers diapers, the Xiaomi Poco X3 smartphone, a digital card for replenishing a PlayStation wallet and the iLife V50 robot vacuum cleaner.


Today, the company has 30.5 thousand partner pick-up points (pick-up points and lockers). AliExpress orders can be picked-up in the offices of Svyaznoy (including branded AliExpress), branded lockers operated by the Cainiao (more than 1 thousand points), co-branded KazanExpress pick-up points, Russian Post offices, as well as in the lockers and at the cash desks of X5 Retail Group stores.

Fulfillment capacity of AliExpress Russia is more than 140 thousand square meters: partner warehouse for 8 thousand square meters in Podolsk, the first own fulfillment center in Chekhov for 55 thousand square meters, as well as the KazanExpress fulfillment area were added to the 45 thousand square meters of the Cainiao warehouse in Domodedovo. In 2022, the company plans to increase fulfillment capacity in Moscow and other Russian cities to 300 thousand square meters thanks to a partnership project with Russian Post (100 thousand square meters) and the development of its own logistics infrastructure (up to 200 thousand square meters) within which AliExpress has scheduled the opening and construction of fulfillment centers in Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-don and Kazan.

Social e-commerce

The audience of social e-commerce in Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte in 2021 amounted to about 13 million unique users. Today, the share of social e-commerce in the GMV is more than 6%.

Plans for 2022: team, infrastructure and product

The main plans of AliExpress Russia for this year are to increase logistics capacity, to create its own stable infrastructure and to consistently improve customer experience. In 2021, AliExpress: 1) launched its own local app developed in Russia, 2) started an updated loyalty program for users, 3) transferred the support service to its own facilities, 4) opened an office in Nizhny Novgorod, 5) began processing local orders in its own warehouse in Chekhov. The plans are: 1) to continue to increase the range of local sellers and their GMV 2) to develop and improve own mobile application as well as effective and prompt user support 3) to completely change the delivery experience, by significantly reducing the delivery time from China and by building a well-controlled delivery from Russia.

AliExpress Russia team has almost doubled in 2021. Most of it is IT development. In the second half of the year, new employees from the Nizhny Novgorod office and from the Chekhov warehouse joined the team. In 2022, AliExpress plans to increase the team at least twice in Moscow and create more than 6 thousand jobs in logistics and support service.

*According to Mediascope (officially the unified meter of the Russian Internet audience, accredited by Roskomnadzor)

** GMV of all companies that are part of AliExpress Russia