AliExpress opens up its own fulfillment center in the Moscow region
By the end of the year, the company will launch several more fulfillment centers in several regions of Russia with a total area of at least 200 thousand square meters.

AliExpress Russia opens up its own fulfillment center based on the PLT Chekhov warehouse complex with an area of 55 thousand square meters. In the near future, the company will create more than 500 jobs to support the warehouse, including office workers and warehouse workers. The new fulfillment center in Chekhov will process orders from local sellers; this is meant to ensure that the goods are delivered the next day after placing the order.

By the end of 2021, the company also plans to begin construction of several fulfillment centers in large regions of Russia: in Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Rostov-on-Don with a total area of at least 200 thousand square meters.

AliExpress Russia plans to develop its own logistics to speed up the delivery of local orders, but will also continue to work with partners: Russian Post, 5Post, Svyaznoy, Kazan Express, Cainiao and others.

"Development of the local segment of our business, that is, sale of goods with delivery from Russia, is a priority for the near future. AliExpress has long secured a leadership position in cross-border business; we are also growing really rapidly in local e-commerce. Ensuring full-fledged logistics, fast delivery both with the assistant of partners and on our own is an important step in this direction. That is why we are adding our own logistics to partner one, which will help deliver the most popular goods the very next day after ordering," -comments Dmitry Sergeev, CEO of AliExpress Russia.

The new warehouse will be available to sellers from all regions of Russia and will allow shipping goods nationwide. The fulfillment center is suitable for any and all goods that are allowed for sale on AliExpress, and will also provide packaging and sorting services.

Photos of the warehouse are available here: