AliExpress Russia started its own helpdesk for buyers and sellers
The helpdesk is located in Nizhny Novgorod and in the near future the company will employ 400 people from this city and will open additional remote jobs for applicants from other cities of Russia

AliExpress Russia turns its customer and seller service desk around by starting its own helpdesk. Previously, third-party partner companies were responsible for user and seller inquiries, now AliExpress will be fully responsible for replying to the questions from its customers. The company will employ 400 residents of Nizhny Novgorod and will open about 300 additional remote jobs for applicants from other cities of Russia. The helpdesk occupies 1500 sq. m hosting a comfortable office and a personnel training center.

The personnel of the new helpdesk will be engaged in support of buyers and sellers of the AliExpress marketplace. Their job boils down to receiving and processing requests from buyers and sellers via various communication channels. Personnel of the helpdesk will assist in resolving issues that arise when interacting with the platform. Their main task is to maintain and enhance experience of buyers and sellers in using AliExpress services.

"AliExpress has been changing rapidly over the past year; we are getting faster, bigger, closer and clearer. Responding to requests of such a huge audience like AliExpress is the task of utmost importance. We want to make interaction with our website much better, and to this end we are starting a helpdesk whereby more than 700 people will be able to help our customers online," - comments Nella Orlova, the vice president of customer care at AliExpress Russia.

The new office of the company is located at 6 Nartova street, bldg 8.