For the first time AliExpress Russia reveals annual financial results
As the result of the financial year (April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021), AliExpress Russia remains the most visited marketplace in Russia with GMV of more than 229 billion rubles. The GMV of Russian goods for that same period amounted to about 55 billion rubles, an increase of 151% year-on-year.

For the first time, the joint venture AliExpress Russia, established in 2019 by Group, Megafon, Alibaba and RDIF, discloses its business results for the financial year. GMV and local business* The GMV for the financial year (April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021) amounted to 229.3 billion rubles excluding services.

The GMV of AliExpress Russia's local business, excluding services, exceeded 54.9 billion rubles for the financial year and increased by 151% year-on-year. AliExpress Russia's local Russian business was fully launched in October 2019.

In March 2021, the average daily number orders from local sellers reached 64 thousand per day.

Buyers and audience

The total number of unique buyers for the financial year exceeded 26.2 million people. The monthly audience of AliExpress is 29.1 million people, the daily audience is 8.8 million people. The number of unique visits in the financial year exceeded 72.5 million, which is 30% higher than last year's figures. According to this information, their own data and Mediascope's statistics (January 2021), AliExpress remains the most visited marketplace in Russia.


The product assortment offered by AliExpress grows every year: the number of SPUs (unique commodity units excluding colors and sizes) with delivery from China and other countries amounted to more than 139.2 million. The number of SPUs sold by local Russian sellers increased by 368% over the year and amounted to 7 million units.

The number of sellers from China and other countries on AliExpress is more than 225 thousand, an increase of 50% over the year. The number of local Russian sellers increased by 350% and amounted to 45 thousand.

Popular product categories in AliExpress

Popular product categories by GMV:
Computers and office equipment
Car spare parts and accessories
Household and garden goods

Top product categories by the number of orders:
Household and garden goods (more than 32 million orders were made in the year)
Beauty and health products (more than 30 million orders were made in the year)
Jewelry and accessories (20.5 million orders)
Electronics (20 million orders)
Sport goods (15.6 million orders)
Tools (11 million orders)

Popular product categories and their growth in the local marketplace (local Russian sellers)

The most popular product categories by GMV:

Car spare parts and accessories (367% growth)
Tools (growth by 306%)
Computers and office equipment (168% growth)
Phones (104% growth)
Home appliances(84% growth)
Electronics (73% growth)

Top product categories by the number of orders:
Electronics (1.7 million orders with 124% growth)
Phones (1.5 million orders with 105% growth)
Beauty and health (1.3 million orders with 378% growth)
Home appliances (1.3 million orders with 87% growth)
Household and garden goods (1.2 million orders with 701% growth)
Car spare parts and accessories (1 million orders with 872% growth)

The fastest growing product categories by quantity of orders are: food, electronics, hair accessories, home appliances, motorcycle accessories, security products, office and school stationery.

Top local Russian stores and stores with the fastest growing rate this year: Electronics and gadgets manufacturers and sellers: Megafon, Molnia Electronics, Smart Life, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Citylink, Toshiba, Svyaznoy, Asus, SONY, JBL, Beeline. Household appliances manufacturers: Zigmund & Shtain, Redmond, Braun, Vitek. Clothing and shoes manufacturers: Crocs, Decathlon, All T-shirts, ICEbear, PUMA, Tvoe and Nintendo games as well. Supermarkets: Harmony of Prices, Sima Land, Rainbow Smile, lenses Optical City, food products Samokat and Auchan, jewelry Sunlight, Sokolov and many others.


Today, AliExpress has 20 thousand partner pick-up points, some of them are fully automated ones. In the reporting year AliExpress orders could be picked up in Svyaznoy branches. AliExpress brand pickup points operated by the logistic operator Cainiao and pick-up points operated by Russian Postal Service also appeared this financial year. The company plans to increase fulfillment centers in Moscow and other Russian cities to 100 thousand square meters in the current financial year. This expansion is possible thanks to a project which partners the Russian Postal Service and Cainiao.

Social e-commerce

The partnership with VKontakte and Odnoklassniki is bringing in its first positive results: the launch of native mobile applications and integration into social media brought in 1.2 million new customers and an audience of more than 8 million AliExpress users.

Plans for 2021-2022

AliExpress plans to widen the product assortment and the GMV of domestic Russian sellers. They also plan to increase logistic capacity and fundamentally improve the customer experience through. The launch of an updated website and mobile application developed in Russia is also among the plans. Moreover, this year AliExpress Russia plans to launch an updated loyalty program for users, as well as further develop new services launched this year.

*Performance indicators of the calendar year 2020:

Total GMV excluding services – 209.6 billion rubles
The GMV of Russian local martketplace, excluding services - 49 billion rubles
Assortment: 5.8 million local SPUs, 133.1 million foreign SPUs
Number of sellers: 35 thousand local sellers, 200 thousand foreign sellers
Number of customers: 26.4 million MAU: 29.1 million DAU: 8.8 million
The number of unique visits per year – 61 million