AliExpress Russia starts to export Russian goods to Europe and other regions
The first product category to be exported is toys and children's goods.

AliExpress Russia is launching a new initiative for local Russian sellers – that of export to foreign countries. The following brands of children's goods and toys (Maskbro wooden toys, Bossa Nova and Lucky Child children's clothing) will be the first goods available for purchase abroad in the store specially created for this purpose.

These goods can be purchased not only by Russian-speaking users, but by all AliExpress Global users in Europe, including Spain, France, Italy, and other countries.
Delivery will be carried out through Russian Post.

During the pilot stage, all logistics costs will be covered by AliExpress Russia
AliExpress is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world with an audience of more than 150 million customers.

Children's goods became the first product category chosen for export not by chance: children's goods category is the top product category by the number of Russian sellers among all the sellers on the platform. Moreover, the category is number one in quantity of orders placed on the AliExpress platform in Europe.

Sales will be carried out according to the classic cross-border B2C model.

The goods will be sent to the buyer anywhere in the world by Russian Post, allowing Russian sellers to declare zero VAT when exporting via e-commerce channels on the CN23 form.

Russian children's goods, clothing and toys are among the best in quality in the world.

«In Russia, the demand for these products grows every year and we are sure that foreign users will also like them. We really have something to be proud of and we would like to help talented entrepreneurs from Russia realize their dreams of selling all over the world», — comments Dmitry Sergeev, co-CEO of AliExpress Russia.

«Our company operates on many international platforms, including Amazon, Wish, Allegro, and others. We are very happy to start international sales via AliExpress from Russia, as it is for now, the only platform that offers the the simplest logistics from Russia», — said Oleg Sokolichin, CEO of "Vol'", the Maskbro.

AliExpress Russia will continue to develop the new initiative with new product categories and manufacturers.

At the end of the pilot period any local seller on the platform will be able to export via AliExpress Global and get additional promotion from the Russian team.